"The Joy Of Disco"

TV BBC Four celebrates its tenth anniversary next month and have decided the best way to mark the occasion is with a Disco night:
"Friday 2 of March will be marked by a lively line-up of programmes about the impact of disco music. The Joy Of Disco examines how a style of music that was originally derided by the masses went on to help define a decade, whilst Disco At The BBC showcases the very best performances."
Which is fine. Friday night is music night. But surely an even greater celebration would be a season rerunning some of their best shows from across the years, perhaps even reconstitute their opening night with the Michael Landy documentary.

Or at least invite Adam & Joe (assuming they're not busy directing Bafta nominated films and the like) to create a cross-channel sequel to The Fourmative Years with Bad Dad reviewing old Proms broadcasts and a toy version of The Killing (The Stuffing?).

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