"It’s a warm Indian summer morning in September 2020"

Liverpool Life Thursday night's Social Media Cafe brought the launch of Liverpool 2020, a blogging and social media project which asks us to imagine what Liverpool will be like eight year's hence. The opening post at the blog offers some form and a few ideas:
"It’s a warm Indian summer morning in September 2020, and I’m on my morning commute, walking down Upper Duke Street. As I near the Chinese Arch my phone buzzes in my pocket. I pull it out and it’s the location reminder I set last night – “pick up pastries for the meeting”. I divert my route slightly and call into the Banksy Bakery. That’s not its real name, Sam called it The White-Bread-house in a play on its original pub name, but the local nickname has stuck. I ask him for some danishes, and am also tempted by some of his outstanding soda bread – that’ll work for lunch…"
Expect my entry when I've had a chance to think.  I can barely deal with being thirty-seven let alone having to predict what like will be like when I'm forty-five.  Twitter didn't exist eight years ago and I wasn't even thirty.

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