some more notes on Liverpool Blogs

About  Here are some more notes on Liverpool Blogs.

(1)  Despite having psychologically treated it like Fermat's Last Theorem (or because of), I've managed to solve the problems with the Liverpool Blogs list page by converting the big long list to a series of small sections with the blogs linked in alphabetical order by title and then each section ordered by most recent update.

(2)  If you notice that anything is in the wrong place, do let me know.  I've had a check through but I've probably missed something.

(3)  Something I have come across is that RSS feeds rarely have a simple, coherent or representative title.  In the process of recreating the list, I found a lot of feeds simply called "blog" or "latest news" or with a massive long title with a baroque series of sub-headings.

(4)  Should blogs which just use a person's name go under their surname?  Or should "John Smith" be considered the blog's title?  Somehow this decision is made easier when additional data is included, like a person's profession (ie) "John Smith, Doctor".

(5)  Since I still think the twitter feed is the best expression of the diversity of material, I've added an admittedly messy duplicate of it to the side bar under the title having deleted the flickr, YouTube and Google News sections which I'm not sure anyone found that useful.

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