we've not had a proper confirmation

Music Heidi from the "Sugababes" has given an interview to the Press Association on the occasion of her being followed off some ice by a spotlight at the weekend. At the close of business, the PA person asks her the most important question:
"But she wishes good luck to former bandmates Mutya Buena and Keisha Buchanan, who are reforming as the original Sugababes with Siobhan Donaghy, who Heidi replaced, to record and perform together again.
Heidi said: "I think good luck to them. I hope it works out."
Given that we've not had a proper confirmation from anyone that the reunion is even happening, is she offering best wishes for whatever the PA suggests is going on or does she know something different?

Of course what they could also have asked is she'd be turning up for this reunion, but I'll leave it to the version of me in the alternate universe with the zeppelins tethered to the Liver Buildings to be excited about the prospect of that one.

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