today was my last day at work

Life A month ago I handed my notice in at one of the two part-time jobs and today was my last day at work. For various reasons, mostly to do with the blog rules, I'll still keep to myself actually what I was doing so at least for now my ad-hoc cv won't be updated quite yet.

I'd been there for a little under five years (here's what I wrote just as guardedly at the beginning) and it was "simply" time to move on.  As has often been the case in the past, I don't as yet have anything in particular to move on to, but I do still have the other weekend position which will hopefully cover the basics of life.

The few people I've told have suggested I'm being "very brave".  I don't think I am, but I had been using the current ills of the country as the reason not to, the "at least I have a job" excuse.  I said as much here in October 2008.  It's also all too easy to fall into a routine.  Which I had.

What I'm hoping is that this will motivate me to try and do some of the things I mention at the bottom of that CV, at least while I feel young enough, to finally answer the question of what I want to do with my the rest of my life or at least the next few years.  Ideas gratefully received at the usual addresses.

So, what now?

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