"conjectural recreations"

Travel  When I wrote about Thames Town in China a few weeks ago, little did I expect to stumble upon something even closer to my interests.  Meet Shakespeare Country Park in Maryruyama, Japan.  As the architects explain:
"Completed in 1997, the Park displays a range of buildings and landscapes characteristic of Elizabethan England. Among them are replicas of the original Mary Arden’s House and Shakespeare's Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon; conjectural recreations of the original Stratford Market Cross and of 'New Place', the house in Stratford to which Shakespeare retired at the end of his working life; and a full size wind-mill. The buildings are grouped round a village green with duck pond, stocks and maypole."
Yes, but are there ducks in the duckpond?  Perhaps the most unusual building is this room shaped like a chapel with a replica of Shakespeare's bust from above his grave at/in the Holy Trinity in Stratford, presumably a memorial of some sort.  Or to celebrate his birthday, given their proximity.  HBWS.

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