"Oh hold on it's ... it's ..."

Music The other morning during my bran flakes I watched a South Bank Show from 2006 about Romeo and Juliet.  As is often the case with old recordings from commercial television, the adverts are just as fascinating as the programmes because of who you might bump into. There's often a moment when you think, "I know that face ..." or "She's somebody ..." and "Oh hold on it's ... it's ..."

It's Paloma Faith in one of those "I can't believe how cheap a Polo is" car adverts giving a rather intense performance entirely unlike the eccentric showpersonship we now enjoy.

Born Paloma Faith Blomfield, just in case you, like me, thought it was her stage name, has actually had a relatively fruitful early acting career.  Not long after this she was an extra in Mayo, the Alistair McGowan detective series before bit parts in the short lived Casualty cop spin-off Holby Blue, the St Trinian's remake and playing the Devil's girlfriend in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Then this happened:

Yes, it's definitely her isn't it?

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