how to make a better cup of instant coffee

Adventure with Instant Coffee

Beverages Still by far the most read or at least visited post on this blog is this review of Lyons's attempt to put fresh coffee in bags with one of the longest comments threads outside of some Doctor Who thing.

Here's something else I've discovered.

Most instant coffee is awful.  The reasons are generally because it is instant coffee, but often it's because the amount of granuals required for a decent cup varies with the brand and since in these hard times we all tend to shift about depending on what's cheapest at the supermarket, we're never entirely sure how heaped a typical spoonful needs to be.

Some manufacturers like Starbucks do put a measured portion in a sachet of what they think is the right amount, even instructing us on how much water is required but even then, under normal circumstances, it always seems wrong, or the coffee's still horrible because it's instant.  The only Starbucks VIA I can stand, and actually really rather like is the Italian Roast.

I have, however, lately been using an excellent way to make all of them taste less objectionable.  In fact, this process not only means they have a kick but sometimes, on rare occasions, even have something of the ground coffee taste about them (without the grind).

There's probably some scientific reason for this to do with atoms interacting or whatnot but as I only have an Art A-Level I'll leave that to people who know what they're talking about.  For a change.

Here's how to make a better cup of instant coffee.

(1)  Boil the kettle.

(2)  Select a cup rather than a mug (you can always have another one).

(3)  Let the kettle finish boiling and then just leave it for a minute.

(4)  Pour the water into the empty cup.

(5)  Spoon instant coffee in.  Or empty the sachet if this is VIA.

(6)  Stir.

Or the synopsis:  stir the coffee into the cup after the hot water.

Now this is where I stop.  I much prefer black coffee because of the caffeine kick so I don't actually know if the following steps help or hinder.  Experiment.

(7)  Add sugar.

(8)  Stir.

(9)  Add milk and cream

(10)  Stir.  Again.

For some reason the coffee tastes nicer.  I've never understood why.  Perhaps because it isn't scorched or something?  Oh well, anyway, that's it.  Try it and let me know how you get on.

Unless everyone does this already.  In which case, carry on.

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