"the face end"

Parenting Konnie's had her baby. Charlie's written about it:
"And "perform" is right. It's the most astounding magic trick I've ever witnessed. I didn't hover round the business end. I'm not a fan of innards. What if you go mad and lean forward and dunk a biscuit in them or something? Instead I sat up "the face end", where a blue sheet was erected to protect our eyes from the Fangoria convention taking place below. Then, after some furtive rustling, they lowered the drape just enough to let you clap eyes on a squealing, squirming creature which your brain doesn't quite believe is actually there in the room. And in this moment, your universe momentarily pauses while a fundamental shift in perspective takes place."
For once the Comment is Free commenters have an outbreak of goodwill. Apart from some trolling about the baby's name, with one long term reader reminding him: "If it's blue, you'd better call it Girth. You made a promise, Brooker."

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