Hillsborough-Anfield Run.

Liverpool Life Unexpectedly, Sports Illustrated has a piece about the Hillsborough-Anfield Run which is taking place between April 12 and finish at Anfield on April 14 on behalf of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and the Hillsborough Family Support Group. Georgina Turner offers a good synopsis of the issues and speaks to some of the participants:
"Standing at the Hillsborough Memorial Mosaic at Anfield on the opening day of this season, Dom Williams decided that he would put his newfound passion for running to a good cause and began assembling a team of six runners to cover the 76 miles between Sheffield and Liverpool with support from nine others. Earle, a seasoned marathon runner, has been encouraging the others to leap into ice baths and don compression tights in order to last the distance over three consecutive days. But treading the route that 96 Liverpool supporters did not will be an emotional as much as a physical challenge. Sheffield Wednesday has given them permission to start from the Leppings Lane end of the pitch at Hillsborough."
Best of luck to you all. Donations can be made here.

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