"traditional English style housing"

Architecture The Curious Case of the 'Imposturbs'. Somewhere in China, there's a statue of one of our greatest politicians:
The English village, named Thames Town, now stands, complete with winding cobblestone roads, traditional English style housing and a pub. There's even a statue of Winston Churchill.

"I think one of the opportunities we saw when the project started was to create something which was unique and different," says Paul Rice, a Shanghai-based planner who was part of the team that designed Thames Town. "If you can appreciate the scale of development that is happening here, a lot of it happens very quickly and a lot of it follows a fairly rigid set of guidelines."

Rice says the town's design is not just a fa├žade, but one that is genuinely based on the way English towns are laid out.
Paul Merton visited Thames Town in this episode of his travel documentary and confirms this Atlantic article's observation that it's predomantly used as the backdrop for wedding photos and as a film location:

Flickr also has loads of photographs.  If only Doctor Who could afford to film there it would be the perfect backdrop for one of those parallel Earth stories.  Mostly, even without the chain stores, it looks like Chester. Or Port Sunlight.  Coventry. Or Warrington. Or Stratford-Upon-Avon. Or Cardiff.  Or ...

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