"For Laura, 35"

TV The Daily Record has an interview with Laura Fraser on the occasion of the second series of Lip Service but if fate had gone another way we'd be watching her on television right now. On Channel 4:
"For Laura, 35, her new life in the US got off to a dream start with a starring role in the pilot of acclaimed US drama Homeland. [...] The dream, however, became a nightmare when she was replaced for the series, her role going to V actress Morena Baccarin. For all her career highs, it was a bruising experience. [...] “It felt horrible. I was so embarrassed. It happens, mostly in America, and you can’t take it personally but it was very hard not to and not to feel rejected.”
This isn't the first time Baccarin's replaced another actress and been in reshot scenes, having stepped in for Rebecca Gayheart as Inara on Firefly.  Lord knows what they producers were thinking in this case.  Next time, Laura.

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