"the garments to stay out of rotation"

Film Clothes on Film have been given a tour of Angels, costumiers to cinema and television, recent films including War Horse, The Iron Lady and Downton Abbey. This is a secretive business, especially because productions don't want to see their threads on screen anywhere else until it's appeared in theirs (or on  Recycled Movie Costumes presumably):
"Steven Spielberg’s War Horse was actually referred to as ‘Dartmoor’ during production. We found a rack of muddy officers’ uniforms waiting to be processed in the warehouse (unfortunately, again, we were not allowed to take a photograph). These War Horse uniforms were held under embargo until very recently. This means the client paid for the garments to stay out of rotation, ensuring they were not seen on screen before the film was released."
The Royal Shakespeare Company's costume collection also recently went out to hire. The crown from David Tennant's Hamlet can be borrowed for £20 a week.  Well you'd have to wouldn't you?

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