“La la la la la”

Film And so to the inevitable AV Club interview with Joss Whedon about Cabin in the Woods, this year's Inception (which is the longest review I'm prepared to write at this point):
"We were talking about it last night, Jesse [Williams, who plays Holden] and I, that people seem to be really behind protecting—not the giant twist at the end, but just protecting the integrity what the experience of seeing it will be. You see people on the Internet like, “We don’t want to tell you, we don’t want to tell you,” and it’s like, “Wow, they didn’t just enjoy it, they cared.” It’s another level. Some people will have read the script, some people will have studied every frame of the trailer, and some people will go [puts fingers in ears], “La la la la la” during the trailer, like I used to with movies I really cared about. But I feel like it’s a movie that’s designed to be viewed more than once, so if people want their first viewing to be their second viewing, well, that’s fine too. I’ve had most of the great movies spoiled for me my whole life. It’s human nature. Those who want to avoid it will always try. I’m still going to make stories with plots."
Except to say that this is a film with which I'd argue, the poster is a massive spoiler. The publicity photos are massive spoilers. Hell, even some of the casting is a massive spoiler.  Basically, you're spoiled as soon as you hear the title.

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