"conversation understandably turned to cult movies"

Film Over the past couple of years the BFI have released a series of off beat films from their archive in a series called "Flipside". In a series of articles, The Digital Fix are following the development of the latest release, Andy Milligan's Nightbirds, aided by Drive director director Nicolas Winding Refn, who now owns the director's original print:
"Refn’s fandom extends beyond Milligan and into all areas of obscure and forgotten cinema. Unsurprisingly he has also been fully aware of the Flipside strand for some time and took the opportunity, whilst in London following production on Drive, to extend his enthusiasm in person. Lunch was arranged with the BFI’s head of DVD, Sam Dunn, and conversation understandably turned to cult movies, cult filmmakers and, inevitably, Andy Milligan. When it was mentioned that Refn owned prints of two of the London features (vampire flick The Body Beneath having also been among the eBay acquisitions) a future Flipside was posited. After all, the main feature was a perfect fit. Here was a British film that had languished in obscurity for decades, had never been previously released in any format, and was “weird, wonderful, offbeat and rare” - so rare in fact next to nobody has ever seen it."
If only all studios seemingly took this care in producing.  I've seen blu-rays in which look like the company's simply utilised some old dvd transfer.

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