It's a third edition of AHistory!

Books If you've been following my Doctor Who reviews very long, you'll know the closest thing I have to a bible that isn't Shakespeare's complete works is AHistory, Lance Parkin and Lars Pearson's bonkers attempt to rationalise Doctor Who into some kind of workable chronological order from the big bang through to the far future.

The last edition was in 2007 and we were told at the time time it would be the last edition, ending with the third series of nuWho, first series of Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures's Invasion of the Bane (along with whatever spin-off material was concurrently knocking around).  The book's TARDIS Index file says Lance:
"has stated that the practical limitations of researching a third edition and putting it into one volume would make a third edition more or less impossible."
Yes, well, would you look at this:

It's a third edition of AHistory!

Or the fifth if you include the two earlier editions of A History of the Universe this sprang from.

The last edition had Mona Lisa on the cover and it seems just right the 3rd should feature Vincent's self portrait.  I've had a glance around and the only other mention I can find is on the publisher's own website which reveals it'll be out November 13th 2013 in time for the 50th anniversary.

As to contents:  According to the Amazon page, this new edition has 784 pages.  The 2nd edition had 432.  What'll be filling the new 352 pages?  You'd need at least a hundred to explain what's going on with River Song, but what about the rest?

Presumably it'll be updated through the seventh television series, to the finale of Torchwood's Miracle Day (good luck with that) and the end of Sarah Jane Adventures, with the mass of Big Finish audios, AudioGo specials and BBC Books as well as the DWM comics.

But will they also now have the comics from IDW, Battles in Time and Doctor Who Adventures?  The authors have also long resisted short stories because of their often experimental nature, even to the point of including comics but not those from annuals.  Perhaps they'll be in now too.

Thanks Lance and Lars!  And good luck.

Updated 15/06/2012  AHistory is actually out November 13th 2012 and not has an Amazon pre-order page.  So not as long to wait.  Hooray!

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