"Not you too, Bob."

TV Long have we suspected it but as prophesied by Doctor Who's Fear Her in 2006, Huw Edwards has been confirmed as the anchor for the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics. Back then this seemed entirely unlikely - especially since in that episode the event was relegated to BBC News for some reason.  Plus Dimbles was still in ascendancy to some extent.

Expect "Not you too, Bob." to be trending on Twitter that day. Notorious I gave Fear Her a relatively decent review even going to far to praising Huw's performance, suggesting he "sold it really well." Which he does if we accept that he's voicing exactly the kinds of platitudes you might expect him to voice in the event of the entire audience disappearing.

Let's hope the real thing is just as entertaining. And that he's sport enough to say those immortal words himself, should anything out of the ordinary occur like David Tennant really lighting the Olympic flame in his Who costume.  Here's the episode in five minutes including these amazing scenes.  Pity it's the wrong logo.  Shayne Ward's Greatest Hits isn't available yet either.

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