a spoilery synopsis that describes most of the plot

Films  Seen The Dark Knight Rises now and Xan Brooks's review is indeed a spoilery synopsis that describes most of the plot.  It lack details but I'd certainly disagree with Catherine Shoad that it doesn't give away necessary plot points.  I'd say it ruins at least three surprises and though there are plenty more, I don't see it as the reviewers' job to simply didactically tell us what's in a film, rather to tell us if its any good.

Here's Kermode's review in comparison, which gives away nearly nothing whilst simultaneously says loads of useful things, not least to underscore its magnificence.

Even he says something which somewhat spoils the ending. Not in a detrimental way, and just in passing, but if you've got my kind of brain it may play on your mind.

As for my review.  Like I said.  It's magnificent.  That will do.  Thanks Chris.

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