The Road To Beijing Athlete Update.

Sport  After last night's extraordinary opening ceremony which covered all my bases (Ken!  Sugababes!  TARDIS!  Sir Tim Berners-Lee!) and not going to bed until two o'clock, I was still up and almost wide awake this morning to see Larry Godfrey as part of the Men's Archery team in the opening match of the championship at Lords Cricket Ground, where a stadium's been built in the middle of the pitch right across the wickets.  In the event, we lost to the Ukraine 223-212 and although that score looks close we were out of contention within the first few arrows, a splattering of tens (which I cheered) balanced out by some sevens.

Rather like watching darts which can kill you, this made for surprisingly exciting television.  The coverage included three nested commentaries:  the BBC's team, another voice in the background which I think was Hugh Sykes (usually heard covering the revolution in Egypt) talking for the radio and the public address system actually commenting on the athletes performance while they were in earshot which must be a bit distracting.  But it did have the added bonus once they'd lost of building their spirits.  "They'll be back in their individual events" said the PA as they strolled out of the stadium, "All fired up."  Yes!

Updated!  Larry has commented on the loss to The Guardian: "It's sad. I came here to win two medals and now one has gone. I thought we did everything right. We prepared right and practised well. Everything has been brilliant, apart from the match …"

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