The Road To Beijing:
London Olympics 2012.

Olympics  You might remember that this blog used to have a series, The Road To Beijing, which followed a group of athletes in the preparation for the 2008 games.  Here's the original post from 2004 explaining why I chose them, usually because they just missed out on a medal.

Three of the athletes have qualified for London 2012 too so it seems fair, like a Michael Apted documentary, to continue to follow their progress this year.  It'll give me something to focus on anyway.  The real surprise is Abi's return.  Last time I checked, back in 2008, she looked close to retirement.

James Goddard Swimming
In Athens: 4th place, men's 200m backstroke
In Beijing: 6th, 200m individual medley
In London, he's be competing in Men's 200m Individual Medley.

Laurence Godfrey Archery
In Athens: 4th place
In Beijing: 4th place
In London in the individual and team events.

Abi Oyepitan Athletics
In Athens: 7th place, women's 200m final / 5th place, 100m semi-final
In Beijing: Didn't qualify
In London, she'll be competing in the 100m and 200m.

To show how times have changed, I'll be able to follow their progress through individual RSS feeds on the BBC's Olympics websites.

Of the athletes who aren't here:

Michelle Dillon retired in 2008 and now runs a triathlon training team.

Matt Elias retired in 2010 and took up a position in Welsh Athletics as the Development Officer for South East Wales.

Lucy Wainwright competed in the European championships in 2009 but her website hasn't been updated since.

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