a whirly-gig in the back garden

TV As I was saying, about that single camera sitcom:

A continuation from yesterday, now the Ood's less scary than humiliated. Poor Ood. Was the apron entirely necessary? Of course it was. It's hilarious. Some lovely physical comedy between Arthur and Amy over the breakfast table and extremely funny deadpan from Arthur who's always had a facility for the tolerant look of someone who's given up on being surprised by everything which is pushed in his direction however crazy.

Meanwhile on the home front, we have Rory with his plastic lunch box, the Ikea kitchen and a whirly-gig in the back garden. On the TARDIS front, the Androvax conflict, as in the Veil from Sarah Jane Adventures? That's a bizarre reference especially as we'll now wonder how an Ood was mixed up in it. Does this mean we now have to include Ood in the list of companions?  Does he go before or after River?

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