With apologies to Stuart

Blog! The Double Negative have announced the judging panel for the Blog North Awards. As well as their own Mike Pinnington, it's ...
"Much loved author, journalist and broadcaster Stuart Maconie; Meg Pickard, head of digital engagement at Guardian News and Media; founder of Loaded and editor of Sabotage Times, James Brown; Claire Malcolm, chief exec of New Writing North; and Zoe Margolis, author of the Girl With A One Track Mind blog."
First of all, well done. That's an excellent collection. Next of all, it also means the present holding pattern mix of random Shakespeare murmurings, Doctor Who reviews and link bloggage doesn't stand much of a chance.  Perhaps if I link to the last half decent thing I've written, they'll or rather you'll take it into consideration.  With apologies to Stuart for that time on the train back from Bolton.  I hadn't realised I was sitting in the wrong compartment.

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