Pyjamas and a dressing gown?

TV Ah Mr Pertwee you do continue to be relevant:

Of course when Jon talked about a Yeti on your loo in Tooting Bec he meant for it to be a scary proposition, whereas this Ood looks positively serene and Murray Gold's re-purposed music doesn't hint toward red eye. Or green eye. The first twenty seconds of the what, episode? minispode? anyway the first twenty seconds hints towards what these things had been sold as, a look at the life of the Ponds at home. I'd assume without the Doctor, but these, um, vignettes? Sketches? have actually quite naturally about how his life intrudes on theres, his oddness or as this case here Oodness.

Other questions. Is that a wig, extensions or does Karen simply have her We'll Take Manhattan hair on? The Ponds have a very decorous home life, no wandering around naked in this household despite them being a married couple. Pyjamas and a dressing gown?  I suppose if the Doctor is popping in every hour of the month you'd have to prepared but it is a bit Arthur Dent, BBC early evening sitcom or M&S catalogue.  They're also big readers too.  Loads of heavily read/mistreated paperbacks on the shelves.  Sherlock would have a behavioural field day with this minutia.

On the basis of this, part of me wishes that they'd turn this whole concept into a single-camera sitcom in which a suburban couple attempt to get on with their lives amid crazy alien things dropping in each week, like Alf, but its the humans who're weird.  Imagine the hilarity of the episode in which they have to drag the dead husk of a Dalek casing out of the house without the neighbours seeing during their house-warming party or Rory accidentally buying an alien charm which makes them have to tell the truth all day.  It's the Witches of Waverly Place or Sabrina The Teenage Witch observing Clarke's Third Law.  Or some such.

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