Guesses as to how Amy and Rory leave and other things.

TV  It's been a weird day and evening so here we are at 23:06 with a midnight deadline for the daily blog post so I hope you'll indulge me on two Who related things.  There may be spoilers so I'll leave a necessary gap just in case ...




First thing.  I've been wondering about how the Ponds leave in The Angels Take Manhattan. Doctor Who Magazine offers a few hints including that a member of the TARDIS team may be zapped back in time during the episode.  Here's my wild guess.

It's Amy.

And the character Annette Crosbie played in The Eleventh Hour is Amy as a pensioner having had to live through much of the century again.  Two reasons:

One: she's called Mr Angelo

Two: As visitors to this venerable old post will recall ...

She's wearing the same broach as River in The Big Bang.  Could it be Song gives the broach to her mother at some point and Amy keeps wearing it to reminder herself of her past life, the life she's just miss.

Coincidentally, Crosbie starred with Alex Kingston in Hope Springs, though that's unlikely to be important.

There are people in this world who already know the answer but as ever I don't want to know until Saturday.

Second thing.  When is The Power of Three set?

The TARDIS Index File pretty solidly goes for 2020/21 which looks wrong to me.  A glance at the talk page indicates its built on very shaky proof, Amy's mention of having calculated that it's about ten years since Leadworth and that Rory's 31.

But as was established last week, the couple are ageing faster in relation to the real world because of all their TARDIS travels.  But its confused because both seem to drop out of that life for months on end as though the Doctor's compensating for their ageing whenever he drops them back off again.

My guess is we're meant to assume it's 2012/2013 nonetheless in line with the rest of the Moffat era's approach of pretty stringently keeping contemporary episodes contemporary, also confirmed by the use of contemporary news readers and celebrities.

To assume the episode's set in 2020 is to agree that The Apprentice will still be on which seems unlikely.

So now, to make up for least circumstantially solving the UNIT dating problem by reminding us The Brigadier has a daughter, Chibnall and Moffat have handed us a whole new controversy.

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