The new Home cinema in Manchester.

Film  Manchester's Cornerhouse now with added Library Theatre has a new name.  At the organisation's new location, it's to be called:


Which is fine, in fact, in an alt.culture way and apt since for a lot of people, the old Cornerhouse is like a second home.  If I lived in Manchester I expect I'd spend a lot of time here.  It's also not the semi-acronym I was expecting, CoLT.

But consider what's going to happen when people are agreeing to meet there.

There will be the question:

"How about going to Home?"

Someone might think that meant their actual house.

Or you might be asked what you'll be doing one evening.

"I'm going to see a film."
"Oh where."
"At Home."

And if it's a new release, the questioner might wonder if its been acquired through dubious origins.

Plus if you Google "home cinema" I wonder how high up the page rankings this is likely to be.

Of course all of those scenarios are unlikely.  They lack context and the conversation will probably include that context.  So:

"How about going to Home, you know the new Cornerhouse."


"At Home, the Cornerhouse's new place."


"home cinema manchester cornerhouse"

But there will still be a lot of people who call it Cornerhouse because it's easier.

So again, I ask, despite the injection of theatre, why not just stick with ...


Especially since, if this photo is a guide, it still has a corner.


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