Mind Expanding Pop Culture Collision.

TV There continues to be a black hole in UK television's schedules where Sesame Street should be. Much of my formative language development occured watching Big Bird and his colleagues and especially the informative animations, particularly ...

... which also made me love pinball for the rest of my life. Sesame Street also had the duel purpose of introducing my young mind to a world beyond suburban Liverpool to a place where accents were even rarer but with children experiencing much the same problems.

With that in mind, imagine my awe on watching their latest promotional video for Entertainment Weekly for their latest series.  Keep watching ... keep watching ... and oh my gaaad, how did that happen?

Don't look at the tags below this post if you don't want a spoiler, but that's and he's singing about that. and there's one of those and that's, and he's wearing one of those so he's doing an impression of.  Well, goodness.

Since I can't embed that, here's an equally seminal moment.

If only she'd been in The Avengers.

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