An Audience With Mark Wahlberg.

Film Only about one in every ten Mark Wahlberg films is anything like as good as it should be, but luckily his junket interviews are always worth reading because at a certain point you begin to wonder if the dialogue in The Happening was improvised because there's a blurring with the amazing things he's saying. The Guardian today has a typical example:
"Remember that guy I was yelling at on the phone yesterday? Well, he's in jail again. What happened was that this guy went on the run, he was basically in default of court, and he wanted to hide out with me in California. I said: 'Dude, absolutely not, I'm not aiding and abetting a fugitive. Turn yourself in.' But he didn't listen, he didn't listen. He wanted me to pay for his lawyer because I paid for his lawyer before." Another shrug. "So anyway, he gets grabbed and now he's inside and his wife is saying that we've got an arrangement where I have to pay her a certain amount of money each month. He finally called me last night. I was in the fucking green-room of the Graham Norton show and I start fucking swearing down the phone at him and it sends me into a tailspin. The producer woman was like, 'Oh wow, shall I wait outside?'"
I know it's a Xan Brooks and we're not really talking to Xan Brooks after The Dark Knight Rises debarkle, but wow.

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