Belated Compulsory Valentine's Day Post.

That Day Most official film related websites close within a few years of the related product having been released on some home format or other, or relegated to some backwater of the studio's site.

Fittingly the stand alone for You've Got Mail is still there, still reminding us of what the world was like on dial-up.

One facet of the site includes some user related content, and stories from visitors about meeting their own other half online usually via AOL chat or some other prehistoric social media.  Example:
"We met on America Online in May of 1993 in a chat room called NorthEastPA. He was the only person in the room who was actually from PA so I sent him an IM and before long we were chatting privately and then on the phone. It wasn't long before I uprooted and moved across the state to be with him."
"I found myself looking in the member directory in search for someone I can talk to. I was online and had some time to kill before heading off to work. Then I noticed a cute profile...and I instant messaged her. The profile wasn't like a normal 20 year old woman's profile, it was simple and you can tell from the profile she was a sweet woman. Most profiles in my age group are full of shout outs, slang etc (even mine). She answered my im back, before you know it, it turns out we graduated high school together and she sat in front of me in one of my classes once."
The formats change but the fundamentals stay the same.

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