My Twitter Archive #1

About  Twitter has finally allowed us to look back into our stream archives and provided us old schoolers with the opportunity to offer some lazy content / interesting autobiographical blog posts.  Here's the first of mine.

I originally signed up in June 2007, which is relatively early. Sadly, I can't report that my first tweet was especially inspirational:

Though my second does at least have some poetry to it, however nonsensical:

Later that evening I was already spouting untruths:

But within days I had signed up to the tweet by sms service and trying it out:

Four days later I was expressing surprise that someone had bother to follow me, though I was clearly still thinking in Facebook terms:
Yeah, Caro. We haven't spoken in ages. Does she still read my blog?

Seven tweets in and I was making embryonic attempts to use my meagre Twitter followers as a hive mind:
I did buy a Dell in the end, through the websit,e and it worked quite well until it didn't and I went to John Lewis and bought one instead.

After that boredom set in. This seems to be an in built feature of Twitter and any social media platform. Early adoption, massive enthusiasm and then a realisation that there's no one to talk to yet. Within a week I'd resorted to tweeting inspirational quotes:

And that was it for June. There's only one tweet for July 2007, though it's a pretty momentous one:
That reaction was presumably in response to this post at Behind The Sofa and the ensuing comments. I'd post my own review later which is an example of the good old days when such things were readable within a couple of minutes rather than requiring you to set aside a whole evening.

August is busier, and explains why I was less inclined to post to Twitter. I'd been "on" Facebook since college in 2005/6 and must have been posting status updates there instead of Twitter. In August I installed an app which allowed me to simply post those status updates to Twitter, which ironically is the opposite of what happens now. Then, Facebook forced users to include their name at the front of the update. So:

Which is my first tweeted film review. I'd still recommend A Common Thread, which is the Like Water For Chocolate of needlepoint.

By then I was well into my project to listen to all of the BBC Proms in 2007:

... and so on.

Facebook cross posting continues through the ensuing months. I won't embed everything, but questions are answered like why I've never watched Tru Calling despite adoring Eliza Dushku:

(if only I'd had that opinion of Lost early on)

What my first breakfast tweet was:

Whether much has changed:
(it hasn't)

Even they grew rarer. In November there are just seven tweets and in December and January three each, mostly Christmas greetings and moans about the weather. Then in February and March, none at all. There's a single Tweet in April.
Again, not much has changed.

May has the same tweet twice:

June's busier. Seven tweets. More irony:

Though it took me three days to realise. Last time I was near Bebo it had a Facebook sign in. Oh the humanity.

July 2008 has four. Complaints about the second series of Heroes being rubbish, about "sweating visibly" which is a moan about being ill wrapped in a Beckett paraphrase and ...
The story of which I remember. We'd been waiting with fish and chips on Lark Lane for a taxi and a group of students appeared. I moved up the road to give myself more of a chance, but Dad stayed where we was. A taxi arrived which I took to pick him up, then ended up in argument with the students because we'd "stolen" their "ride". This doesn't, I appreciate improve the interestingness of this tweet (and probably lessens it), but I'm amazed at how vividly I remember what happened.

Then, in August 2008, the tweets went native and increased in frequency exponentially because in August 2008 I downloaded Tweetdeck for the first time and realised what Twitter was for.

Next time:  My first reply.  Isn't that exciting?

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