Religion The subtle (or not) irony of carrying columns about religion on news websites. On the left, David Loy, Zen teacher writes for the Huff Post about Buddhism in the modern world. Highlighted on the right, at least at time of writing, a link to photos of Miley Cyrus's revealing dress at the Grammys:
"Anyone who is paying attention knows that we are living in a time of crisis -- most obviously, severe ecological and economic challenges. They are interconnected: an economy based on consumerism and perpetual growth is incompatible with the well-being of our biosphere. What is less obvious is that there are also fundamental problems with the story that underlies these crises. By "story" I mean our basic way of understanding who we are, what the world is, and our role in it."
Actually it's simply provocative but in a good way. Yes, I looked.  For research purposes.  It's the comments underneath the photos which are the real reflection of what's happening in our society.

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