WHO 50: 1975:
Terror of the Zygons.

TV  I've never seen Terror of the Zygons.

For some readers, that is like admitting I've never seen Star Wars.

But the truth is, I've always liked having new old Who.

I like that there's still a Tom Baker story I haven't seen beyond clips, random shots of Tom Baker in a kilt, the Brigadier in a sporran and The-Loch-Ness-Monster.

Having remained relatively spoiler free, I don't actually know what the Zygon's original plan to conquer the planet Earth was or what The-Loch-Ness-Monster has to do with it.

One of the virtues of classic Who's generally self contained format is that there's no great need to have seen everything.

Regeneration stories perhaps.

When a companion leaves.

In general though, there's no great loss in not having seen a story, not in the same way as other series television in which a viewer might miss some great narrative revelation or twist.

Truth is, I've never felt the rush to see how Harry was written out.

That said, it is the only televisually available story that I have ignored.  I'd wait for the dvd.  Then it wasn't released for a decade.

There are plenty of stories only available on audio which I've also ignored until now.  I have no idea what The Savages is about other then there are some savages, probably.

When I explained this to a friend, they sounded quite envious as they noted having seen everything, the only way they can enjoy some new old Who is if a missing episode is found.

By the end of this year, I'll be the same position.

By then (hopefully) I'll have finished working my way through all of Doctor Who in chronological order for the first time.

Including Terror of the Zygons.

I hope it's good.

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