Psychology Are you telekinetic? This online test allows you to find out. Maybe:
"To begin the test, press START. If, at any time, you want to stop, press STOP. The test lasts roughly a minute and half (102 seconds). After you started, try to influence how many times the computer generate the number 1: focus on the number 1, or visualize the green bar going further to the right (whatever seems to work best). The green bar shows how many more time the number 1 has been generated compared to the number 0 (vice versa for the red bar). The little triangles underneath indicate the best score (difference of a number over another) you have reached during the test. A normal result close to 50% for each number would display very little bars in the middle."
Having watched the bar increase without thinking about one I remain unconvinced. Though it could that by desperately not trying to think of the number one, I was thinking about it anyway in which case I am a god.

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