My Perfect Job.

Film I think I've seen my perfect job. Neatorama have linked to a (currently unavailable) blog post about someone who's all but hired their own personal librarian, someone who listens to the kinds of books they like to read and offers suggestions, even adding them to a request list. They call it Netflix for the library.

Not being much of reader, I'd be useless at the paper version, but I think I would be rather good at being a librarian for Netflix, or as would be the case Lovefilm, being paid to curate or offer suggestions for someone's film viewing habits, pointing them in the direction of what I think are the best of the best in each genre.

I'm not sure what the rate would be, how do you quantify the contents of my brain?  Plus someone would have be really, really bothered to want to pay for this service over and above whatever their relevant subscription is.  Plus there'd be a lot of trust that I wouldn't unexpectedly have them sit down in front of The Turin Horse.  But still, if only, if only.

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