WHO 50: 1977:
The Invisible Enemy.

TV Everyone who’s a Doctor Who fan like to talk about their first memory of the series.

With the volume of rereleases and spin-off media this becomes increasingly harder as we find our original recollections of what we saw being submerged with new experiences.

But it’s the dvds which have allowed me to identify which story my first memory is from.

For years and years, I had a clear image of Leela edging along a corridor with a knife and K9.

Years before watching the Davison era religiously thanks to its tea time weeknight slot, this rattled around my mind, and it explains much about me, probably, that unlike other kids who might vividly remember Tom’s benevolent tooth and curls, I had a savage in a leather bikini and a robot dog.

My other toddling tv memory was of ITV's glam rock Banana Splits knock off Animal Kwackers.

Those day-glo misshapen furry costumes used to give me nightmares.

As I began watching Doctor Who again in the early noughties, I was eager to finally discover which story my memory was from.

I’m still not sure. Leela and K9 spent a lot of time in corridors.

But, there is a moment in The Invisible Enemy which is close enough. There’s a corridor, there’s Leela, there’s K9 and the walls have a similar hue.

So my first memory of Doctor Who is from The Invisible Enemy, my three year old mind ignoring, not just Tom, but the psychedelic Fantastic Voyage people shrinking imagery elsewhere.

That probably explains a lot about me too.

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