The Electric Banana.

Music  The surviving members of The Pretty Things continue to perform and in New Zealand last year, Dick Taylor gave this interview in which he lamented the bizarre publicity which misrepresented the bands music, the poor reception of some of their albums and the resurgence in interest. It's all so typically rock and roll:
Their subsequent career seemed filled with opportunities lost or innovation overlooked. Most famously was their ambitious but dark SF Sorrow album of late '68, the first rock opera beating the Who's Tommy by six months. 
"It needed to do well in America but by the time it came out it was through a dodgy dealing between EMI and Tamla Motown – the details of which I'm not legally allowed to talk about. But basically they had an inside deal with one another and it got released on Rare Earth which was a good attempt at Tamla to break into white rock . . . but they didn't market it properly.
“Apart from everything else they put it in a circular record cover and so you couldn't see it on the shelves, stupid little things like that.”

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