The Postal Service in New Zealand.

Information Lately our postal deliveries have become inconsistent, with some deliveries not happening until the afternoon and none at all on days when a Lovefilm disc should be winging its way through. But I'm sparing a thought for New Zealanders, who're facing the possibility of their postal deliveries being cut to three times a week:
"The proposal, released today by Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams, seeks to cut mail delivery days from six to three days a week to allow "greater flexibility" in its services.

"During the last 10 years mail volumes have dropped considerably, with 265 million fewer items being posted each year compared to 2002. Within five years, mail volumes are forecast to be nearly half what they were in 2002," Ms Adams said."
Of course, in the long run, once digital delivery is at its apogee and everyone has access to the web via a tablet (it's coming soon), postal deliveries will become an outmoded concept and may even be reduced further across the board. But not yet.

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