"the VHS recon of episode four"

TV Doctor Who merchandising's official site has announced the dvd (and blu-ray!) release schedule for the rest of the year:

February 25: The Ark in Space: Special Edition

March 11: The Aztecs: Special Edition (plus Galaxy 4 reconstruction)

May 6: The Visitation: Special Edition

May 27: Inferno: Special Edition

June 3: The Mind of Evil

June 24: Terror of the Zygons

July 15: Spearhead from Space Blu-Ray

August 5: The Green Death: Special Edition

August 26: The Ice Warriors

September 16: Scream of the Shalka

Shalka's the surprise, though really it shouldn't be given the lack of new content yet to be released.  Indeed the only story now outstanding in something like releasable form is The Tenth Planet which I now think they're saving for the anniversary when they'll bung it out with the VHS recon of episode four.  Unless they wait until episode four actually turns up.

They're probably also having a chat with themselves about The Underwater Menace which now has two episodes.  Ideally they'll add them as an extra disc with The Ice Warriors since it the only Pat story left but again, they're probably looking to extend the life of the range so we might have a dvd spine with The Underwater Menace written on it soon.

No sign of Curse of the Fatal Death, but like Dimensions in Time, as a charity event its status is a bit shaky.  There was a VHS release with loads of documentary footage.  Since it also has Richard E Grant as a Doctor, a twin with Shalka seems most logical especially since its only twenty minutes long.  But wouldn't be a great loss.  It's officially on YouTube anyway.

Nevertheless as this point it looks like, as promised years ago, the complete, available for release, Doctor Who range will be out by the end of 2013.  At which point they'll no doubt throw together a much cheaper complete box set just to piss off those of us who've been collecting them all for the past decade.

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