Liverpool represented at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Photography Los Angeles County Museum of Art has put twenty thousand high quality scans online of items in its collection which it believes to be in the public domain [via].

I immediately went to the search page and tried the usual keywords. Shakespeare reveals a number of printed woodcuts, Doctor Who some unrelated cotton pickers and a painting of Rochester (which isn't to say Big Finish couldn't produce a release from those elements) and Liverpool, which as you can from these links are revelatory:

Brunel Aboard the Aphrodita, Liverpool
Isambard in his familiar pose on board the Merchant sailing ship out of Liverpool

Shipping at Liverpool
An etching of a sketh by James Whistler.

Brian Epstein, Liverpool
A remarkable shot of the Beatles manager on the Mersey Ferry with the Liver Buildings in the background.

Running Man, Liverpool (Railroad Yard)
A between wars view of the area around Lime Street Station.

Woman Using A Clean Needle Provided By Liverpool Needle-Exchange Program, Liverpool, England

Liverpool Beach Burial
Liverpool Beach Burial
Mysterious lines of people buried in the sand with only their heads in view, whilst other stand looking.  This needs further study.

Commemorating George Washington.  Made in Liverpool.

Punch Bowl
Oriental design.  Made in Liverpool circa 1730.

Bust of George II
White porcelain sculpture, England, Liverpool, circa 1757-60.

Wedding Dress
From 1868.  Again from Liverpool, donated by a Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Ornes.

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