Peter Bogdanovich interviews Alfred Hitchcock.

Film In what amounts to a precursor to The AV Club's random roles interviews (the structure is incredibly similar), a 1963 Peter Bogdanovich interviews Alfred Hitchcock, throwing the titles of his films in his friend's direction and receives some concise responses on works which are less well known by the wider public. Example:
"How did you come to make Jamaica Inn?

"I was talked into it. After I'd signed with Selznick, I had time to make another picture. When I saw what this was going to be, I tried to get out, but I'd already taken money from them so I couldn't. The root problem was that there was no mystery. This is the story of the parson who preaches in the pulpit; and the mystery of who is the wrecker, the man who puts a light on the rocks, causing ships to approach the rocks and be wrecked so they could be looted. Of course, the parson turns out to be the wrecker. And in Jamaica Inn, you have Charles Laughton playing the parson. Who's the wrecker? Who's the wrecker? What are you going to do--have a little bit-player turn out to be the central figure? Doesn't make sense. It's very difficult to make a who-done-it. You see, this was like doing a who-done-it and making Charles Laughton the butler."
Which is roughly the contents of my own review, albeit with more wit [via].

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