Time Lords.

Travel The BBC Magazine asks, "Has Street View changed the way we behave?"
"Google's Street View cars have driven millions of miles, picturing the streets and landscapes of 39 countries. But while many people use its 3D maps to look at the places they already know, has it also changed the way they relate to the wider world?

"Drag and drop Google's little orange man onto a map of the street where you live and there is a good chance that you will find your home.

"Move the figure along the surrounding roads and you can find the shop where you buy your milk, the pub where you drink and maybe a neighbour or two - their faces blurred to provide a semblance of anonymity."
Of course it has though it has to be used sparingly. Despite the time locked nature of the images, it could spoil one of the best elements of a holiday or day trip, discovering the place once you get there. When we visited Edinburgh for the first time, we took a tourist bus tour first of all so that we could get our bearings, have an idea of the place. Doing that at a computer just isn't the same thing.

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