Bromley North etc.

Travel This is excellent. A railway runs through it tackles the London Underground's stumpy branch line stumps, those stations which seem to end the lines which begin with much promise. Such as:
"1. Enfield Town

"Oh dear. Despite its location on a busy street full of shops, this is not a place that smiles at its passengers. Scowls might be a better word.

"A poster outside advertised a £45 “rail and sail” trip to Amsterdam “from this station”. I considered taking up the offer; it seemed a reasonable price to pay to put an immediate and healthy distance between me and Enfield Town. If only there had been somebody in the booking hall to sell me a ticket."
One of these days, and very soon, I'm going to finally attempt the ends of all of Merseyrail's lines in a day. But the idea of spending all day on Merseyrail trains seems to much to bare. Plus it has a pointlessness which this other project doesn't have. I think.

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