Who is the Secret Actor? #8

Theatre Well, it's not Romola Garai if as this week's column suggests Secret has never acted nude. Romola's been naked on several occasions, most prominently in The Crimson Petal and the White. Fiddlesticks.

On the upside the fact that Secret hasn't acted naked and that a director would think that isn't necessarily a good idea narrows things down quite a bit, or at least, offers a piece of important information should a specific list of potential names become a possibility.

There are other titbits. We know for example that she's the sort of actress who would be given a job out of the blue at the theatre. She's famous enough, at least in some circles, or has been for that.

We also now know what kinds of jobs she's done. We have a confirmation that she's done commercials, or at least it's implied. She's also done "screen" and theatre and in the theatre a play in which a character is walking around naked for a whole scene should the director choose to.

Here's some. Here's some more.

As a side note, I once saw an all nude midnight production of Hair at the Edinburgh Festival. That's not something you ever forget.

 I also saw an experimental dance piece at university which just consisted of the two performers artistically removing their closes then putting them back on again to the gangling about of a gamelan. It was a matinee. I can't forget that either for a whole other set of reasons, and no, not because I was one of the performers. Enjoy that image nonetheless people I've met.

Nevertheless, if not Romola, who?

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