Is Torchwood coming back?

TV Well, Eve, is it?

You'll have to watch the clip of Eve Myles on BBC Breakfast yourself. But it is only a minute and brilliant and completely within the tone of the series itself, in that it never did really know what it was doing.  Spot the moment too when the fan lexicon intrudes into the real world, or as real as that day glow set can be and Bill Turnbull once again about ten years behind everyone else.

Covertly here, too, because it feels wrong to leave this at that, on the subject of the news which is going around at the moment, you know what I'm talking about, I'm oscillating between Gwen's reaction to the plot machinations of Torchwood's Miracle Day and the Fox Mulder side of the camp, leaning more to the latter. I want to believe.

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