Justin Halpern from 'Shit My Dad Says' explains why the sitcom didn't work.

TV Interestingly, it was more complicated than "it's a television programme based on a Twitter feed". The problem was more that it wasn't based on the Twitter feed. At all:
"I realized this wasn't my father after I got the standards and practices notes when we turned in the first script and we couldn't say ANY of the words my father uses, nor discuss any of the things my dad discusses. My dad is a REAL dark dude; athiest, thinks humans are inherently evil, and all that stuff was in the original script, I believe, along with some language we couldn't use. That is not stuff you're really allowed to talk about on CBS. And let me be clear, a character always changes and evolves when it goes through the actor playing it, other writers, network notes, etc…, and a lot of times it actually makes it much better. This just happened to be a case where I couldn't really articulate to people why it wasn't working like it should without sounding like a whiny dickbag. So I just decided to work hard and try to help make this version of the character as good as it could be."

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