One Touch.

Technology  The other day, after arguing with the semi-touch screen for quite long enough, I finally decided to replace the Orange Vegas pinkyphone which has been the bane of my life since I bought it in February 2011.

 The initial excitement, chronicled here, soon wore off as it became apparent the keypad disappeared when I made a phone call making the process of working through an automated service really complicated, even with the ability to bring it back again, having to write texts on a tiny keyboard using the onboard stylus and a general sense that I wasn't in control, it was controlling me.

In other words, I gambled on Vegas and lost.

Glancing through Amazon the other night, I bumped into this.

If the Orange Vegas is the cheap touch screen equivalent of the smart phone, the Alcatel OT-358 is the Blackberry lookalike.

It's nothing like a Blackberry.  There are no apps other than a couple of games.  It runs 2G very slowly.  When you take the battery out, it forgets what time it is.  I'm yet to discover if this also happens if it runs out of power.

But it does have a keyboard which means I'll be able to write texts quickly and actual numbers so I can make phone calls.

Plus there's the price.  It's currently £14.99 from the relevant shop including a £10 credit which really makes it £4.99, which for any mobile phone is a bargain.

So having reinstalled my usual ringtone, selected because it's film music which sounds like a ringtone even though it's not suppose to and it's from one of my favourite movies:

And wallpaper:

For obvious reasons.  I was all set.

Then on Friday, I was looking at the back of the phone (having already looked at the back of the phone at least a dozen times since I bought it with all the sim and sd card related jiggery-pokery) and spotted this:

Somehow, of all the phones in existence, I've managed to coincidentally (because it's not on the Amazon sales page) find one which just happens to be named after the Sugababes's first album.

For goodness sake.

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