Seen Terror of the Zygons.

TV Just as a sort of update to the WHO 50 entry of a few months back, about how I'd never seen Terror of the Zygons, I've now seen Terror of the Zygons. The dvd release having been put back to September and with a view to experiencing all levels of Doctor Who culture as I watch and listen my way through all of broadcast Doctor Who before the 50th anniversary episode, I ended up buying the original edited VHS release from ebay, which is trimmed together to turn it into a "movie" leading to the need for remade titles.  Unfortunately, the technology available back then means they're not quite as authentic as what's being done now with the dvds...

Which also means I've now seen or (in the case of the missing episodes) (!) heard all of Doctor Who at least once.  From here on in, it's all repeats, even The Twin Dilemma which I've never been able to face sitting down to watch on dvd what with all the bad memories of the original broadcast.  I think I actually cried when the Doctor attacked Peri.  Even though I ended up seeing the rest of it, it being the classic series, I think that was probably the moment when I spiritually parted company with the thing first time around.  Luckily, I'll be too busy reading the production subtitles to notice this time.

But yes, strange feeling.  What did I think of the story in the end?  Was it "good"?  Well, yes, yes it was.  Though it has one of the most low key companion dismissals since Dodo, what with Harry simply saying he's going to catch the train.  Benton, doesn't really get a moment either and he's been with the show as long as the Brigadier.  But Nike Courtney gets his moment.  Was he simply cold, did he have a cold or is that a tear in his eye as he notices the end of an era, the end of the UNIT era?  Oh well, mustn't daudle.  Planet of Evil awaits.

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