July, 2011 in October 2013.

Film The BFI Player launched tonight though not without some shenanigans. The apparent landing page still suggests users should return and register at 9pm even though the actual page is here. But that's just me being a cynical sausage. It's very existence is a marvel and there are many, many marvellous things, even for the price of nothing. Of course, I'm too tired now to really watch anything, but as a placeholder, here's a masterclass with Miranda July recorded for the slightly disappointing The Future but worth seeing nonetheless because it's beyond the structure it's entirely unlike any other Q&A of this kind you're likely to see.  As you can see, it's an embed.  The BFI Player allows that too.  The picture quality's sharp too on a decent connection. There's a link here if that's not working.

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