The Enemy of the Web.

TV There, as you read, as I type, people downloading Doctor Who's The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear from iTunes. Both of these stories, bar an episode of the latter, now exist in the world.

Off The Telly has a report from the press conference, lucky sods.  That must have been quite some happening.

Here's what seems to be the interview with Philip Morris (one of us!) (by mean one of us Liverpudians!) that was played out at the event:

Here are the trailers. Look at them, Look at them.

Or not.  It's probably more exciting to see these scenes in situ.

Scenes which up until now have been so familiar through telesnaps and audio are now moving around and have people talking in them. It's quite the most exciting thing. For some people, who chunks of personal history have been rewritten.

Doctor Who News has the full story.  We love you Philip Morris.

Yet I'll continue to wait.

For one thing, having, bar the back end of series eight of the new series, watched all of Doctor Who in chronological narrative order, even putting to one side dvds bought that didn't fit yet (The Ice Warriors, Shalka, Zygons), it seems a shame to stop when I'm so close to the end, with The Eleventh Hour next up.

For another, the DVD RELEASES are already up at Amazon. So:

Released! 22nd/25th November 2013 (the press release and Amazon are in dispute on that point)...

Released! February 24, 2014...

I mean, for goodness sake.

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