"Regeneration and reincarnation lie at the heart of many Nigerian cultures..."

TV Now that the excitement has dampened down a bit, some more considered opinions are being posted about the return of Doctor Who's The Enemy of the Web of Fear, for example, this rather good column from The Guardian's Bim Adewunmi about her own fandom, developed whilst watching the show in her native Nigeria:
"...if ever there was a culture that would readily embrace the idea of a man from a faraway place and time, parachuting in to poke his nose into the business of mere mortals, it is Nigeria's. The time travel conceit was also an attractive element for Nigerian audiences. I'm Yoruba, and time travel resides in our very names – for example, Yetunde, Yeside and Iyabode are all names given to the first granddaughter born after the death of a grandmother. Regeneration and reincarnation lie at the heart of many Nigerian cultures, so the Doctor's returns in new bodies was not necessarily alien to us, just a little more literal than normal."

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