Not you too Bob. Again.

TV Time for me to admit something. Having seen Doctor Who's Fear Her more times than is healthy, at no point did I notice this (described by Philip Sandifer on his blog):
"This brings us to the second odd moment of tension within Fear Her, which is the moment when the entire population of the Olympic Stadium vanishes into thin air, to the only minimal alarm of the television announcers, who blithely go back to covering the torch relay, and who later seem more upset when the torchbearer keels over than they were when, you know, tens of thousands of people vanished into thin air. (Notably, the torchbearer being struck by lightning was not seen as something worth investigating.)"
Something has always bothered me about that sequence and I've never quite been able to put my finger on what it is, and it is that Huw Edwards, having witnessed all of those people disappearing, blithely carries on with commentary of the torch relay as though that's still the more important story.  Oh god.  As Philip notes:
"it compounds this error by suggesting that even the apparent death of tens of thousands of people is less important than the image of love and athleticism represented by the Olympic flame, which is just sociopathic. Actually, you could just about rework this episode into something sane if you decided that it was supposed to be about the way in which the Olympics are used as an excuse to completely steamroll ordinary life in favor of a master narrative, but you’d need an ending that isn’t about wallowing in that. Instead we have an element of the story that doesn’t really fit, and whose internal logic is flawed in the exact same way its inclusion in the story is flawed. And that’s not a plot hole you can just swerve around. That’s a plot hole that gets at the heart of what’s wrong with the episode, not one that can be dismissed as “not really the point.”
See also the moment in Torchwood's Children of Earth when you realise that there's no good reason why Martha wouldn't phone the Doctor about the whole business even though she's on her honeymoon.

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